What to Expect When Hiring a Collection Attorney

hiring collections attorney contract litigation.jpg

If you are a business owner or private lender with overdue accounts, hiring a collection attorney can be very simple. To engage Wakefield Law and begin collection action, you will need to provide the following documents and information:

  • Document(s) from which the debt originated (signed contract, invoice, promissory note, etc.)
  • All relevant contact information known for the individual or company that owes the debt (phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, etc.)
  • Any known employment and/or banking information
  • A detailed and accurate Statement of Account, showing the amounts due for goods/services 

Providing the above information does not automatically create an attorney-client relationship between Wakefield Law and a potential client. Instead, this information can be provided so that we can take a look at your claim and let you know whether we are able to begin collection proceedings on your behalf. At Wakefield Law, we are committed to providing high-quality, reliable legal service. 

If you or your company provided goods or services and have not yet been paid, feel free to contact our experienced collections attorneys to learn more about the collections process. We are happy to answer any questions!