Collection and Contract Litigation

Helping Local Businesses Protect Their Financial Health

If you are a business owner or private lender with overdue accounts, tracking down debtors and collecting payments is more than a hassle -- it can keep you from running your business and serving other customers. At Wakefield Law, our aim is to provide efficient, effective collection services that take those outstanding debts off your mind. 

When collecting payments, negotiating settlements, and making claims in court, Wakefield Law has leveraged attention to detail and persistence to pursue overdue accounts for over 30 years. Our experienced attorneys are committed to providing high-quality, effective legal services that help support our clients' success and financial wellbeing.

Why Wakefield Law?

At Wakefield Law, our approach to collections is unique. We are not a collection agency that relies on phone calls and letters to collect debts. We are experienced utilizing all tools, including those available through the courts, to collect debts successfully. We are the firm collection agencies come to when their methods are not successful. 

Our clients include a diverse array of businesses and individuals. We represent medical professionals, home improvement and maintenance service businesses, fitness centers, funeral services, landlords, and many other businesses that have unpaid invoices, outstanding debts, and various other claims. We treat all parties involved with professionalism and respect, and whether you have one collections matter or one hundred, we treat our client's claims as if they are our own. 

Hire Us on a Contingency Basis

At Wakefield Law, we provide legal services on both an hourly rate and a contingency basis. The majority of our collections work is done on a contingency basis, which means we get paid only if we obtain funds for our clients. We ask our clients only to pay a small cost fund to cover court costs and filing fees up front. Otherwise, our fee is simply a percentage of the funds we are able to collect for you.

In our over 30 years of experience, we believe that working on a contingency basis helps give small business owners and individuals access to legal help in a way that is affordable and predictable. We don't get paid unless you do, so you can count on Wakefield Law to work hard for you. To learn more about contingency fees, take a look at our blog post.  

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Wakefield Law did a great job with the collection of a debt with my law firm. They took the burden off my shoulders and handled the process for me all the way to the end. They have been very professional and competent throughout the entire process. Thank you for all of your hard work!
— Sarah G.